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really a product of Danish national painting (in the form of the girl in her beautiful local costume) and was
simply not intended for a French public.
“Despite all the weakness of the form, it tells us Danes with understanding and feeling of the special
quality and beauty of our countryside and of the joys and sorrows of the people; it tells both of gentle,
melancholy dreaming and of a brave striving towards higher goals, and it also tells everyone of the wise and
beautiful thoughts of a great and rich artistic soul.”
Nutids-Kunst, Skildringer og Karakteristikker
, Copenhagen
, pp.
Christen Dalsgaard, spredte Træk og Minder in:
Skivebogen, Historisk Aarbog for Skive og Omegn,
, Skive
, pp.
Christen Dalsgaard was
years old in
; he had married in
Julius Lange,
Nutids-Kunst, Skildringer og Karakteristikker,
, p.
Karl Madsen (
), painter, art historian and subsequently Director of Statens Museum for Kunst.
Niels Lauritz Høyen (
), the
rst real art historian in Denmark, was a considerable
gure on the cultural scene, exercising an almost
unique in
uence on artistic life throughout most of the
th century. One of his achievements was to have founded the Art Society of Copen-
hagen, Kunstforeningen in
; together with his colleague, the museologist Christian Jürgensen Thomsen (
) he became joint head
of the Royal Collection of Paintings, which purchased the artists’ works, and he was an ardent spokesman for nationalism and the sense of a
Scandinavian quality in art. Thanks to his infectious commitment, he persuaded Danish painters and sculptors to give expression exclusively
to Danish and Nordic history and attributes in their art and to reject all foreign in
uence. His ideas continued to a
ect most Danish portrayals
of the countryside and the life of the ordinary people well into the
Karl Madsen:
Kunstens Historie i Danmark,
, pp.
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