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Compared with the earlier paintings, those from Fanø were often subdued, and the characterisa-
tion of the
gures was more searching. But the reproductions of national costume and of accurate
details in original interiors continued unabated. It should be added here that the artists depicting
everyday life in Denmark often based their portrayals of the homes and workplaces and the beautiful
hand-made furniture on many di
erent visual impressions collected in sketchbooks and pieced
together according to their intentions in the
nished compositions. These were always executed in the
painters’ studios. Exactly the same was the case with the national romantic landscape artists who
took their most beautiful motifs wherever they were to be found and later placed them side by side in
idealised portrayals of the Danish countryside.
Julius Exner was accorded various o
cial distinctions during his long life as an artist. In
was awarded the Neuhausen Prize for a portrait of his sister, and in
he received the Thorvaldsen
Medal. He became a member of the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts in
and was on the Acad-
emy Council from
. For twenty years Exner was an assistant in the Royal Danish Academy of
Fine Arts Life School, and in
he was appointed professor with an o
cial residence in the Acad-
emy. It is here we
nd the ageing painter in the Loeb collection. In addition to his almost annual par-
ticipation in the Charlottenborg spring exhibitions from
, Julius Exner showed works in a
multitude of other exhibitions both in Denmark and abroad.
Exner’s idyllic scenes of everyday life were very popular far into the
th century. He was a mas-
ter of scenes including large numbers of
gures, creating a coherence between the
gures by means of
the anecdote, just as he allowed local colour to appear with several recurrent hues in order to create
painterly cohesion in his works.
In addition to his many oil paintings, the artist left a large number of graphics and drawings. He
also produced the illustrations for the poet Christian Winther’s (
Billeder og Vers (Pic-
tures and Verses),
which appeared in
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