Loeb Danish Ardt Collection - page 157

government. The sumptuous rooms are beautifully adorned and are used for official occasions and royal
Svend Hammershøi chose a dark and cloudy day to paint a fine impression in claire-obscure of Den-
mark’s long winter darkness. The electric light visible in the façade windows adds a touch of warmth to the
otherwise chilly atmosphere. The color scale is subdued, limited to black, grey, brown and a bit of clear blue
in the sky, where the clouds permit it. Without rendering every detail, his brush convincingly characterizes
the trunks and branches of the trees, as well as the sandstone of the ramp and the many-storied palace.
Stylistically the painting belongs to the
s more than to the
s and there is a likeness to the art of
his brother Vilhelm. Svend Hammershøi confidently pursued this artistic mode which he found in the
beginning of the
th century and continued painting for the rest of his life.
Censorship of works of art proposed for the annual exhibitions at Charlottenborg was established to guarantee an acceptable artistic quality.
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