Loeb Danish Ardt Collection - page 162

dimensional reproductions of ancient sculpture. Similar collections are known from other major cities
in Europe and the United States.
This drawing is the result of a relatively di
cult set exercise. Its size and the hatching technique used
suggest that it was done about
while Hammershøi was a pupil of Grønvold and at the same time
was attending the preparatory class in the Academy. The
gure is well de
ned also in a spatial sense,
although Hammershøi has taken the liberty of omitting the traditional outline, which was considered
indispensable by the authorities at the Royal Academy. Hammershøi worked artistically even in a set exer-
cise such as this and actually expresses his own experience of the beautiful classical female
gure. It is eas-
ily understood that his teachers and fellow-students were quick to realise that his talent was an unusual
one. This is no conventional practice drawing; but already a typical piece of Hammershøi, departing
from the traditional.
Deduced by comparison with other drawings from this period.
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