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Landscape with a Row of Trees
(Landskab med en række træer)
Oil on canvas,
in. (
Not signed nor inscribed
       :
The sculptor Helen Schou, Copenhagen; Bruun Rasmussen, Auction
, lot
, ill.
his small sketch of a landscape is probably painted when Hammershøi was still a young man. As was
so often the case, he chose a clouded day where the sky was almost white. We look at a vast green field,
bordered to the left by a row of trees, the crowns of which are dome-shaped. The greyish-green color of
the leaves suggests they are willows. They grow in an embankment and form a strong diagonal to the left
in the picture. Behind the dark stems, there seems to be a road or water and at the back of this, there is still
more green grass. To the right in the horizon behind the field there are some bushes and four tall trees,
probably poplars, all painted dimly.
The paint is in part very thin, the brown ground being visible in the embankment. Apparently
Hammershøi also chose to scrape some of the paint off, a well-known technique of his, reminiscent of
other sketched landscapes by the artist, an example is
Landscape from Virum Near Frederiksdal, Summer
in the Loeb collection.
This little sketch was formerly part of the collection of an artist with a fine eye for the qualities of
Danish painting, the sculptor Helen Schou (
). Her major work is the equestrian statue of King
Christian X, finished and erected in
in Aarhus, the main town of Jutland. Her stately home and large
studio in Ordrup, north of Copenhagen, overlooked Sound Øresund. It was the neighboring house of the
private residence of the American ambassador to Denmark, and during the tenure of Ambassador Loeb,
they became good friends.
The history of the painting is otherwise unknown, left unrecorded by Alfred Bramsen in his Hammers-
høi oeuvre catalogue, published in
and by Susanne Meyer-Abich (
) as well.
However, it was
authenticated by Ida Hammershøi, widow of the painter, who wrote the following words with ink on the
back of the canvas: “malet af Hammershøi attesteres Ida Hammershøi” (Painted by Vilhelm Hammershøi
Certified by Ida Hammershøi).
Susanne Meyer-Abich,
Vilhelm Hammershøi. Das malerische werk
, Inauguraldissertation, Ruhr-Universität, Bochum,
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