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wonderfulworks of art.In gazing at the quiet of a VilhelmKyhn pastoral, or returning the charming
glance of P.S.Krøyer’s wifeMarie inBerthaWegmann’s stunning portrait of her, I findmyself at peace.
Late in the year
I persuaded art historian Benedicte Hallowell, the Bruun Rasmussen rep-
resentative in the United States, to take on the coordination of an eventual catalogue raisonné I
was planning to produce. I had met her in
when she was helping museum curator Peter Nis-
bet at Harvard’s Busch-Reisinger, produce an exhibit of a portion of my collection entitled
ish Paintings of the Nineteenth Century
. Ms. Hallowell’s organizational ability, artistic background
and the fact that she is half-Danish, all convinced me she was the right person for the project.
In turn, Ms. Hallowell engaged three talented Danish art scholars, Elisabeth Fabritius,
Suzanne Ludvigsen and Mette Thelle, to whom I am forever grateful, to do the background stud-
ies. Dr. Fabritius is currently writing biographies of both Anna Ancher and her husband Michael,
along with a book about Anna Ancher’s pastels (whose work she compares with Degas). I am
glad to have works by both of the Anchers well represented in my collection. Ms. Ludvigsen’s
book on the painter
Dankvart Dreyer, His Life and His Art
, with a summary in English, is being
published by the Society of Publication of Danish Memorials. It is expected to be in print by
. Mette Thelle is currently co-authoring a book on the famous flower painter, J.L. Jensen.
Vice President George H. W. Bush and Barbara Bush were guests of Ambassador John Loeb Jr. at the American ambassadorial residence, Ryd-
have, during their visit to Denmark in the summer of
. Here the ambassador and vice president share a relaxed moment.
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