Loeb Danish Ardt Collection - page 22

worldwide for its glorious Flora Danica porcelain china, for its Jensen silver, for its exciting mod-
ern furniture, for its philosophy and literature (such as that of Kierkegaard and Hans Christian
Andersen), for its architecture (Arne Jacobsen, Jørn Utzon), and for its classical Bournonville bal-
let. The one artistic area which has not been fully recognized has been its paintings.
Suzanne Ludvigsen, the art historian who has written a great many of the commentaries as
well as the introduction to this catalogue, has observed that in forming my collection I’ve fol-
lowed a desire to illustrate the historical development of Danish art. More poignantly, she com-
mented that I may have been searching for what might be called “the Danish soul.”
I think she is right.
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