Loeb Danish Ardt Collection - page 236

in the shadows, the facial features are endowed with an appearance of movement, resulting in a certain psy-
chological e
Jensen chose colours determined on the basis of the model’s complexion for his portraits; here the
colours appear in more or less concentrated form dispersed across the picture in many nuances of brown
and beige. He used colour to model the
gure and give it plasticity. This was done with contrasting hues and
cold and warm colours.
th-century school of portraiture set great store by a decorative pictorial e
ect linked to an artis-
tic tradition emphasising dignity and decorum and the happy lives of the upper classes. Such stylistic fea-
tures were still to be found at the time when C.A. Jensen was an art student, as was an appreciation of
domestic life. Both can be seen in the characterisation of Ferdinand Flachner. He is portrayed as elegant in
appearance but with carelessly tousled hair and a loosely
tting stock in a portrait genre described by
Schultz as “the dressing gown style.”
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