Loeb Danish Ardt Collection - page 24

one time belonged to King Christian VIII, and
flower and fruit pieces by Jensen. This exquisite
collection within the collection is remarkable partly because Jensen’s oeuvre is only now being
fully examined within the history of Danish art.
Works by several of Eckersberg’s most gifted pupils, of whom Martinus Rørbye, Constantin
Hansen, Christen Købke and Wilhelm Marstrand deserve special mention, also form part of the
Loeb collection. There is an
painting by J.P. Møller’s pupil, the landscape artist Frederik
Sødring, who found his motif at Rønneby waterfall at Blekinge in Sweden, which is of particular
The rich green walls of the Loeb town house library provide a handsome contrast for the subtle nuances of Vilhelm Hammershøi’s
Woman Setting Table,
one of three from the Hammershøi “Strandgade Series” in the Loeb collection.
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