Loeb Danish Ardt Collection - page 243

being. Three years later, C. A. Jensen is commissioned to paint yet another portrait of Joseph Hambro, this
time perhaps with instructions to carry out a more academically defensible portrayal, where no revealing
brush strokes are visible. This work, that is somewhat larger and in oval design, today hangs at The Copen-
hagen Stock Exchange (no.
, Fig. A).
With regards to the corresponding portraits of the flower painter and his wife, C. A. Jensen seems to
have been completely in his element, without any kind of restrictive reverence. Particularly it has probably
delighted him to paint Signe Marie Jensen. He was never immune to female allure, which is clearly felt here,
where the sweetness and pride of the young Mrs. Jensen seems to have flooded out onto the canvas in joy-
ful company with each of the painter’s brush strokes. As to her husband’s portrait, that likewise bear the
C.A. Jensen
The flower painter J.L. Jensen,
Oil on canvas,
₅  
.  .
Signed and dated bottom right:
C. A. Jensen
Present owner unknown
Sigurd Schultz
, no.
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