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mark of having come into being superbly and unencumbered, there seems to have snuck in a hint of mal-
ice in the portrayal. Here the two painting colleagues have probably not been on the same good wave-
length, as it was the case thirteen years previously, when Ferdinand Flachner was the model.
Almost all of the portrait painter C. A. Jensen’s works are characterized by their originator’s intuitive
insight in the human psyche and his understanding of the human soul, on good and evil. It is this capacity
that, united with his extraordinary artistic talent, encompasses perpetuity, and which makes his best paint-
ings present, because we here have to do with one mind speaking to another.
S. L.
After the publication of
The Ambassador John L. Loeb Jr. Danish Art Collection
, New York
, Marie-Louise Berner and Mette Thelle have col-
laborated on an upcoming literary work about J. L. Jensen. Suzanne Ludvigsen would like to thank the two researchers for their many new
pieces of information about the flower painter, who has previously not been widely represented in Danish art history.
The palace of Frederik VIII - originally Brockdorff ’s palace, built
- is one of four rococo palaces that together form the complex
Amalienborg in Copenhagen. It was designed by the Danish rococo architect in royal service Nicolai Eigtved (
). The palace of Fred-
erik VIII was in
furbished as residence for present Crown Prince Frederik and Crown Princess Mary with their children; Marie-Louise
J. L. Jensen - En dansk Guldaldermaler
, pp.
, and Mette Thelle,
J. L. Jensens rum til Prinsesse Vilhelmine og Prins Frederik på Amalienborg
in: Jane Sandberg (ed.),
Dansk Blomstermaleri. J. L. Jensen og hans kvindelige efterfølgere
, Øregaard Museum, Copenhagen
; Lin Rosa
Spaabæk and Mette Thelle,
Den naturlige påmindelse
, in: Mads Falbe-Hansen (ed.),
Frederik VIII’s palæ. Restaurering. Ombygning. Kunstnerisk
, pp.
C.A. Jensen
Portrait of Joseph Hambro,
Oil on canvas,
  ½
in. (
  
Loeb Collection no.
C.A. Jensen
Portrait of History and Genre
Painter Ferdinand Flachner,
Oil on canvas,
½  ⅔
in. (
.  
Loeb Collection no.
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