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regarded with the deepest disdain:
Jensen painted away, straight forward without hesitance and without mistakes.
Where the brush stroke is allowed to stand, specifically in attire and hair, it is both forceful and rhythmic, of an equal-
ity that gives a splendid beauty of craftsmanship (...). It is scholastic to see how a painter in that time could fall in love
with the effects of the materials of contemporary fashion, here in the case of Jensen, when he painted the iridescence
of the dress between red violet and olive and thoroughly basked in it, and it is always a pleasure to observe how beau-
tifully he could characterize the fall of the hair in women’s hairstyles. Obviously, it gave him a special pleasure to take
on with the wet, heavily oily color mass he here used and with amusing details such as the small shadows on the fore-
head from the curls in the hair, or the incursion of light in the edges of the curls in the hair.
Mrs. Signe Marie was the daughter of Hans Jensen Visby, a teacher in Aagerup by Frederiksborg in the
north of Zeeland. Visby was a colleague and a friend from youth of Jensen’s father. The young couple had
a residence in Copenhagen, and in the summer, a little house with a flower garden in Gentofte. In
, six
years after the portrait in the Loeb collection was painted, Signe fell ill. Because the doctors thought that a
southern climate would do her well, J. L. Jensen and his wife left Denmark and went out on an extended
journey to France and Italy. They were away for two years and came home well and enriched by many
impressions of beauty. Their marriage was to be childless, but they took in a little niece, Sara Henriette,
born approx.
. Johan Laurentz Jensen had an exceedingly industrious, but short life that to his wife’s and
many of his friends’ sorrow ended in
Signe Marie Vilhelmine Jensen died in
Mindeblade om Professor, Blomstermaler Johan Laurentz Jensen. Medlem af det kongelige Academi for de skjønne Kunster i Kjøbenhavn, Ridder af
Dannebroge. Manuscript for Venner
, Copenhagen
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