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mainly inspired by French art. This new work is plentifully represented in the Loeb collection,
with outstanding works by artists including Bertha Wegmann, Anna and Michael Ancher and
P. S. Krøyer. Works deserving special mention by Krøyer are his loving portrait of his young
bride Marie (
) and his magnificent self-portrait, painted a good ten years later on the beach
at Skagen.
Other works which must be highlighted are by Krøyer’s gifted pupils Harald Slott-Møller and
Vilhelm Hammershøi. The
painting by Slott-Møller is a charming, light-filled painting of
two fully-dressed young women paddling in a shallow stretch of sea. The remarkable loner in
Danish art, Hammershøi, obviously a favorite of Loeb’s, is represented by no less than nine
paintings. Three exquisite works executed in the artist’s apartment in Strandgade in Copen-
hagen around the turn of the century are truly memorable.
One of three Anna Ancher paintings in the Loeb collection is shown here on the left wall of a corner of the living room in the Loeb town house:
Three Women on the Way to Church
. On the right we see the magnificent
Female Model Before a Mirror,
by L.A. Smith, a very talented student of the
renowned “Danish Golden Age” painter, C.W. Eckersberg. Eckersberg’s own very similar painting, executed alongside his students in an 1841
summer class, is one of the most beloved in Denmark.
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