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A handful of contemporary paintings tell us a little about what was taking place in Danish
artistic life in the
’s and
’s. For instance, we find two works by the COBRA painter Egill
Jacobsen, a powerful iron sculpture by Robert Jacobsen, and a dazzling portrayal of a dancer by
Hans Voigt Steffensen. Mention must also be made of a work by the versatile artist Kurt
Trampedach, a poetical watercolour of his son Jonas, and Peter Bonnén’s small two-part bronze
sculpture with its remarkable magical aura.
There is a certain rather unusual quality about the Loeb collection, because a substantial num-
ber of works in his collection are from a period in Danish art in which no foreign collector previ-
ously appears to have been interested. These are the national romantic landscapes so beautifully
exemplified by five late works by Vilhelm Kyhn, and genre art such as Christen Dalsgaard’s
charming portrayal of a very young girl in national dress, as she writes a letter.
The high ceilings of the Loeb town house accommodate two of the larger paintings in the Loeb collection: Peter Skovgaard’s
Forest with a
Herd of Fallow Deer and Two Girls,
and Bertha Wegmann’s
A Young Woman Sitting in a Boat
. The young model in the latter happened to be the
famously beautiful and artistically talented future wife of artist Peder Krøyer. Krøyer’s
Self-Portrait, Sitting by His Easel at Skagen Beach
been placed in a dramatic position on a large desk, appropriately not far from his wife.
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