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today who are artists. A grandson, J.A. Jerichau (
) was among the most talented of Danish
modernist painters.
Even while Jens Adolf was director of the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts from
, she
chose to pursue her own career and retained her connections with artists and intellectuals abroad,
where she continued to exhibit and have success in selling her pictures. Baumann was captivated by
the interest in the Orient that had originated at the beginning of the
th century and was especially
pursued by French artists. Accompanied by her sons, she travelled abroad, the
rst time in the
As a woman, she could gain access to harems and the private lives of the oriental women she visited
and could therefore exhibit authentic portrayals of this exotic world, whence she also brought cos-
tumes and other paraphernalia home. These motifs often betray a sensualism that may well have been
one of the
th century taboo subjects, but which can also be seen in her husband’s sculpture, which
frequently has an erotic subject. The leading circles in Danish artistic life tried to keep her out of sight,
and indeed her paintings have until recently been kept in museum storerooms.
She has herself given an account of her di
culties and experiences in the books
erindringer (Youthful Memories)
Brogede rejsebilleder,
(Motley Travel
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