Loeb Danish Ardt Collection - page 286

book the artist has consciously chosen to reproduce part of the portrait of the young girl, seen from a lesser
distance in order thereby to heighten the e
ect of the work.
A print made on wood; a special sort of woodcut, made for illustrations.
Harald Jerichau (
), an artist, as was his younger brother Holger (
). Harald died in Rome from typhoid and malaria only four
years after this trip.
A runner was a male member of the household sta
whose work consisted in being a messenger for all manner of purposes. Mr.Taranto, who
belonged to a prominent Jewish family to which Elisabeth Jerichau had a letter of recommendation, was the person who introduced the artist
to Jewish circles in Smyrna, and helped her to
nd both models and possibly special accoutrements for their dress.
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