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positions of Jens Juel and Cornelius Høyer must have an older, shared design. Juel’s painting is an unusual
princely portrait, the popularity of which must have been great to exist in so many replicas.
The portrait of Louise Augusta in Turkish attire is known in two versions:
I. The painting described by Ellen Poulsen (no.
, fig. A).
II. The painting in the Loeb Collection that exists in more replicas, as is common for the work of portrait
painters such as Jens Juel. They are listed below.
Ellen Poulsen, however, does not account for the difference between the two. In her catalogue (no.
the setup is identical to the Loeb Collection picture, apart from the fact that the Princess sits on European
furniture, a gilded neoclassicist bench, on which a smaller red pillow with golden tassel lies. Her silk dress
has a high waist with a draped bodice, and the belt with red and blue decoration on the buckle is placed just
below the bosom. The shoes are red and the thin, white veil over the hair is here fastened with a golden rib-
Princess Louise Augusta of Denmark
in a Turkish Dress
 ⁄ 
Oil on canvas,
½  
in. (
.  
Not signed
Private collection
Ellen Poulsen no.
Cornelius Høyer (
Princess Louise of Denmark in a Turkish Dress
Indian ink and watercolor,
¼  ¾
in. (
  
Statens Museum for Kunst, Department of Prints
and Drawings
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