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Knight of the Order of Dannebrog,
Author of numerous books and articles on Danish, Faroese and Finland-Swedish literature
Co-author with wife, Kirsten Gade
Blue Guide Denmark
Danish. A Grammar
Colloquial Danish
Translator of numerous publications for leading Danish art museums and institutions including:
Louisiana, The Danish Museum of Decorative Art
The Danish Royal Silver Room, Edition Bløndal, The Hirschsprung Collection,
The Ordrupgaard Collection, ARoS Aarhus Kunstmuseum, Esbjerg Kunstmuseum, Skagens
Museum, Statens Museum for Kunst, Thorvaldsens Museum.
Literary translations include:
Hans Christian Andersen:
The Fairy Tale of My Life
William Heinesen:
The Black Cauldron
Svend Aage Madsen:
Days with Diam
Peter Nisbet (P.N.)
Daimler-Benz Curator, Busch-Reisinger Museum, Harvard University Art Museums
Senior Lecturer in History of Art and Architecture, Harvard University
Author of numerous publications on museum history, theory and practice as well as Russian and Soviet
Modernism, German Modernism and related topics, and many exhibition catalogues including
Paintings of the Nineteenth Century from the Collection of Ambassador John L. Loeb, Jr.,
Ph.D. Yale University
B.A. Cambridge University
Torben Thim (T.T.)
Landscape architect, author, rosarian and Danish artist
Garden plans at Château Caïx (detail), Cahors, France, for Her Majesty the Queen Margrethe II and His
Royal Highness Prince Henrik, at the palace of Graasten (detail), for Her Majesty Queen Ingrid, the Zoo
of Odense and several Danish manor houses
Author of books and articles on historic roses
Historiske roser fra Løve,
and Copenhagen
Historiske roser,
Contributor to
Den Store Danske Encyklopœdi
Biography in
Weilbachs Kunstnerleksikon
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