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The paintings in this catalogue are listed only in the table of contents and are pre-
sented in the book artist by artist. The artists’ names appear alphabetically (using
the English alphabet) rather than chronologically
Their biographies precede their
paintings, which are listed chronologically in the order they are believed to have
been painted.
Dimensions of the paintings are in inches with centimeters in parentheses, height
preceding width. The works have been carefully studied for signatures and mono-
grams; if none were found, nomention is made. Parentheses are around the date of a
painting when a particular date is presumed or documented other than by signature.
The biographies contain references to
, the title of the Danish national
dictionary of artists’ biographies which encompasses painters, sculptors and archi-
tects from ancient times to the present day. Art historian Philip Weilbach (
), Librarian of the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts Library (now Danish
National Art Library), wrote and edited the first edition published in
under the title of
Dansk Konstnerlexikon.
The spelling of the artists’ names follows
the standards established in
Authorship of each biography and article is noted with the contributor’s initials.
The writers have indicated the sources of their research under the caption of “Lit-
erature” at the end of each painter’s biography and at the beginning of each com-
mentary about a painting. Most of these sources are books written in Danish, and
their titles have
been translated. For those interested in reading books in English
th and
th century Danish art, a supplementary bibliography has been
Birth and death dates of other important artists or people in related fields have
been included in the texts; however, the dates of any painter represented in the
Loeb collection are referenced only preceding their biographies and preceding the
articles about their paintings; they are not repeated within the texts.
For the most part, the original text has been written in Danish and translated by a
British scholar, who has maintained the flavor and Danish locution of the contribu-
tors. Any words or phrases possibly needing explanation for an American reader
have been foot-noted or listed in Appendix A or B. While the British spelling has
been kept throughout, the punctuation is American. Danish locations and names of
museums, though printed in Danish, are not italicized.
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