Loeb Danish Ardt Collection - page 47

Anna Ancher painted similar motifs on various occasions, for instance
, in the museum Den
Hirschsprungske Samling, where the young girl is looking at herself in a mirror.
At about the same time, Anna Ancher painted two of her most important works from the South
Room. In
Breakfast Before the Hunt
, portrays Michael Ancher seated on the sofa, eating his breakfast
in the early morning light; in
Interior with Poppies
, a painting of a family friend, pianist Lizzy
Hohlenberg, reading by the table in front of the white wall.
Anna Ancher also painted in the West Room and the North Room, but she was most fond of using
the small room known as “The Skylighted Room” on the north side of the house. Not until
did she
acquire a proper studio, when Ulrik Plesner (
) built a modern wing for them on the north side
of their house.
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