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vent it. However, despite a great deal of political turbulence at home, he became much loved by the peo-
ple in the course of his long reign.
Christian IX is perhaps best remembered today for his nickname of “Europe’s father-in-law,” which he
was given because his many children married into various royal and princely houses. For instance, one of
his sons, Prince Vilhelm, became king of the Hellenes under the name of George I. The second oldest
daughter, Princess Dagmar, became Empress of Russia, and another daughter, Princess Alexandra, became
Queen of England.
It is probable that Otto Bache himself saw Copenhagen decorated with
ags and festoons on that beau-
tiful day in May,
when the capital celebrated the aging king and queen. But it is not possible to deter-
mine for certain whether he painted his picture based on the actual event or whether several years later,
using the photograph as his model and adding to it a vivacious, sunlit street scene deriving from memory
and his imagination.
Claude Monet (
La rue Montorgueil, Fête au
. juin,
, Musée d’Orsay.
Finn T. Frederiksen in:
Mødested i Paris –
’ernes avant garde.
Randers Kunstmuseum
, p.
. On N.L. Høyen, see note
on Christen Dals-
En pige, der skriver (Young Girl Writing)
in the Loeb collection.
Copenhagen City Museum. Photograph with motif from Amagertorv taken May
in. (
cm). I am grateful to
archivist Mette Bruun Beyer for this information.
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