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A good deal of information is available about the painter and engraver Joel John Ballin. He was born
in the Jutland town of Vejle in
, the son of a Jewish candle-maker and died in Copenhagen in
At the age of eleven he went to Copenhagen, apprenticed as an artisan painter. At the same time he
attended classes in the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts until
, the last two years in the life
school with J.L. Lund and later C.W. Eckersberg as his teachers.
At the age of nineteen, Joel Ballin exhibited for the
rst time at Charlottenborg with his painting
The Procession in the Synagogue at the Feast of Tabernacles (Processionen i Synagogen ved
, which today belongs to the Jewish community of Denmark. Very few other paintings
are known by this artist who nevertheless left a large graphic oeuvre of high quality.
It cannot have been long after the summer course with Eckersberg that Ballin decided to give up
gure painting and instead seek a career as a chemotypist. In
he went to Leipzig for further train-
ing as a graphic artist and to take part in developing the chemotype method along with its inventor,
a Danish photographer by the name of C. Piil.
Two years later, Joel Ballin went to Paris, where he was to spend the next twenty-two years. By
means of various scholarships and grants from home, he was able to train himself further in the
French capital as an engraver and copperplate artist at the same time as attending classes in paint-
ing in the École des Beaux-Arts from
He gradually managed to gain a considerable reputation,
rst as a copperplate artist working
mainly on French paintings and portrait photographs, and then with other graphic techniques. From
he began to work with a “manière noire,” which led him on to a “manière mixte,” a mixture of
etching, burin and knurling which best re-created the textural e
ect of a painting. This was a method
he also used for various reproductions of the works of Danish artists that were published by
in Copenhagen.
In September
, Joel Ballin moved to London with his family on account of the troubles result-
ing from the Franco-Prussian war. Thirteen years later he returned to Copenhagen, where he
remained until his death two years later.
, though interspersed with a few breaks of a several years, he showed works
in the Charlottenborg exhibitions. Ballin was awarded a gold medal in the Paris Salon in
; the fol-
lowing year he was appointed a Knight of the Order of Dannebrog. In March
he was made a
member of the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts in Copenhagen. He participated in the Paris
World Fair in
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