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more precise version of the wallpaper and a chair without gilt paint. In addition, he has amused himself by
providing his work with a bare table on which there is a cheval glass.
This latter clearly re
ects a section of
the wallpaper. The teacher’s painting is much smaller than those of his pupils, as was almost always the case
in teaching situations.
As for the other model-painting reproduced in the Hirschsprung catalogue, and the drawn preparatory
study for it, there seem to be indications that this could have been Miss Behrens’s work (Fig. C). We see the
same chair as in the other studies, but here it appears behind the model on the left of the picture, which
might indicate that she has been viewed from a position some distance from the male Academy pupils.
With certain reservations this could be interpreted as courtesy to a less practiced and perhaps somewhat
self-conscious private female pupil.
In Figure C, there is neither a table with a mirror as in Eckersberg nor a table covered with a green cloth
as in the other model studies. Figure C is somewhat larger than Eckersberg’s picture and a good deal
smaller than the works by the other pupils. The drawn study reproduced in the Hirschsprung catalogue and
the accompanying painting (Fig. C )
, of which the latter’s whereabouts are unfortunately unknown, appear
to be the work of a less accomplished and more timid hand than the Loeb collection study and is therefore
more likely attributable to Caroline Behrens.
Unfortunately, scarcely anything is known about this private woman pupil. She is not mentioned in any
work of reference, and Eckersberg refers to her presence on only three other occasions: on June
he notes that she is given instruction in perspective drawing; between December
she draws a
FIG. C (named as Fig.
in the catalogue
The Naked Golden Age
Possibly by Caroline Behrens
Study of a Model, Young Girl Undressing,
Oil on canvas,
in. (
cm), present owner unknown.
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