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portrait of Emilie, the professor’s daughter. After this we encounter her name only once more, four years
later, when between July
and September
she is said to be drawing after “the antique plaster head.”
On the basis of the information available today, it can be deduced that the Loeb collection’s
Study of a
Model, Young Girl Undressing
Modelstudie, En ung pige klæder sig af )
was painted by Joel Ballin. Ballin eventu-
ally carved out a splendid career abroad as a copperplate engraver with special skills. If he had continued
as a painter, his reputation would scarcely have spread beyond the borders of Denmark, although he was
talented, as this piece in the Loeb collection undeniably indicates.
, Professor Eckersberg showed the works by his three male pupils to the Academy
Assembly, which inspected them “with particular interest.”
Suzanne Ludvigsen would like to thank Marianne Saabye, Director of Den Hirschsprungske Samling, for her important help in identifying the
version of
Study of a Young Girl Undressing
Current owner unknown, no photo available.
Geskel Saloman (
) was of Jewish-Swedish extraction. After training in Copenhagen, he moved to Gothenburg in Sweden, where he
became a very popular portraitist and established his own school of painting.
A full-length mirror with a frame by which it may be moved or tilted.
in the catalogue
The Naked Golden Age,
Pupil of Eckersberg.
En ung pige klæder sig af
, Lead pencil, grey hatching.
in. (
mm). Inscribed by unknown hand:
Eckersberg del
private collection. Preparatory study for Fig.C.
Extracts from C.W. Eckersberg’s diaries, index of Eckersberg’s private pupils by Hanne Jönsson in:
C.W. Eckersberg og hans elever,
Museum for Kunst, Copenhagen
, p.
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